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At Never Let Go, we make tool tethering simple.

Industry has already done a great job at stopping people falling when working at height; we know this as Fall Protection. However, preventing tools and objects falling from height has really been an afterthought. Today, we see helmets, tool nets and other measures to try and minimise the damage of potential accidents, but they don’t stop them happening.

 Tool tethering is a primary safety system

This is why we have developed a complete ‘primary’ tool tethering system designed to prevent tools falling in the first place.


Definition of Tool Tethering

In short, tool tethering is fall protection for tools.

Tool tethering is the process of connecting a tool (or other equipment) securely to an anchor or fixed point by using a tool lanyard. If the tool is dislodged or dropped while working at height, it is prevented from falling and causing injury to workers below or damage to sensitive surfaces. As many tools are not ready to receive a tool lanyard, it is necessary to create a tether point using a tool tether. This is a retrofit option which avoids damaging the tool and invalidating its warranty.


NLG’s Universal Tool Tethering System

Tool Tethering System

We have worked hard to make tool safety easy to understand and easy to use.
Here’s why it works:

A simple 3 Step System

Tether Point, Tool Lanyard and Anchor Point. Widely praised in the UK as the simplest tool safety system for working at height.

A robust concept

Our system works with any brand. Unlike other tool tether systems, NLG’s accommodates any brand of tethering equipment giving you the ultimate flexibility and is compatible with tools or equipment from any manufacturer.

You keep your tools (undamaged and in-warranty)

Never Let Go’s retrofit tool tethers mean that you don’t need to change your tools. The system requires no permanent fittings, so that you can always remove the tether point if no longer required.


Raising Awareness

Understanding the risks.

With tool tethering becoming a more prominent issue for Health & Safety Officers to deal with today, it is equally important that the users understand the potential risks of dynamic dropped objects.

Industry organisations, such as DROPS are working hard to promote safe working practices for tool safety. Working with such organisations, NLG are delivering meaningful safety messages to the global workforce.

Our latest Killer on the Loose campaign is a great example and highlights the dangers of not tethering your tools.

Never Let Go - Killer on the Loose dropped object awareness video


Tool Tethering Risk Assessments and Policy

We are here to help make your workplace a safer place.

We understand that tool safety at height can be a confusing area, but NLG have a proven track record in tackling large and complex site situations.

We will work with you to build a bespoke implementation plan, document your procedures and draft a comprehensive Dropped Object Prevention Policy for your organisation.


Tool Safety training and toolbox talks for working at height



Our support doesn’t stop at supply.

We offer toolbox talks and access to a unique training tool giving accountability and certification for every user. NLG’s outdoor posters, information boards and customised support material are all part of the package with NLG.

Our Tool Safety Roadshow has been touring the UK and is increasing in popularity. Want to see the tool tethering experts at your next safety day? Please get in touch with the team to arrange.


Tool Lanyard Guide

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