Our Team

There are those for whom hard work is just two words. But we live it for real. We back our people to put in a serious shift every day. The result is constant innovation, peerless product performance and a seamless transition between the two.

At NLG, creative combustion is the name of the game. We have a serious case of never being satisfied. The gurus call it constructive discontent – the endless quest to observe shortcomings, grasp nettles, think divergently. Move on. Move up.

We pick apart and improve our sector one category at a time. We reframe industry thinking. Place ourselves ahead of the curve. So that we’re always ready to ride the next wave.

Behind it all is a close-knit family culture of respect and collaboration. And collaboration solves problems.

Here at NLG, where safety and performance overlap, we believe that time matters, that action counts and that being real makes more sense than simply making money.