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About Never Let Go

Helping industry boost productivity through worker performance.

Never Let Go (or NLG, as they are known in the market) is becoming a market leader in safety. With its mission to ‘make safety simple’, the future is bright for Team NLG as they help the worker to enjoy an improved safety attire, a better health record and higher levels of productivity. NLG believe that the measurement of true success is when every party is a winner – the worker, their manager, the employer, the respective market – that everyone can benefit from this win-win culture.

NLG’s current focus is on tethering tools and they are driving the market through a unique combination of product innovation and productivity measures. With statistics showing objects falling from height as the second biggest workplace killer, NLG’s expertise is a timely introduction. They have the widest range of solutions globally to prevent tools, from screwdrivers to scaffold poles, phones to portable generators, falling from height and injuring others. They serve many markets including construction, oil and gas exploration, nuclear, power and utility with their ground breaking developments.

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June 2015