We occasionally make mistakes when we send goods out, it’s rare but it does happen – yes, we’re human. If we have made a mistake when we sent some goods to you we will pick it up, replace the goods with the correct ones or reimburse you – whatever you want. Just remember that you will need to tell us about the problem within 7 days of you receiving your goods.

You, our customers also sometimes make mistakes – you’re human as well. If that does happen we will look to resolve it in a positive way for both of us. Again we will need to know that you want to return the goods within 7 days of you receiving them. We will be more than happy to replace the goods, or reimburse you provided that the goods are still in their original packaging, are in a suitable condition for us to re-sell, they are stock items and you send the goods back to us within a fortnight of you receiving them. Sometimes, we may ask you to pay a small restocking charge. We will always remember that we want stay friends and will do everything we can to keep you happy.

Want to make a return? Just Contact Us.